Germane Media


CTV Monetization

With the rapid emergence of CTV as a powerful platform in the landscape of Digital Entertainment, we offer comprehensive CTV Monetization solutions personally tailored according to the client’s needs. Tap into the power of programmatic advertising with access to our diverse network of premium demand partners to maximize your CTV revenue with the highest CPMs and 100% fill rate.

Header Bidding/Wrapper Solutions

Say goodbye to traditional waterfall auctions. Our Header Bidding/Wrapper solutions empower publishers to maximize their ad revenue by facilitating real-time auctions among multiple demand partners, ensuring fair competition and optimal yield for every impression.

Video Player Solutions

Elevate your video advertising strategy with our advanced Video Player solutions. From seamless ad insertion to interactive ad formats, we provide publishers with the tools they need to monetize their video content effectively and deliver engaging experiences to viewers.

​In-App Video Monetization

Seamlessly integrate high-quality video ads into your app’s user experience with our strategically designed ad placements to maximize viewer engagement and revenue generation. We leverage the latest ad tech innovations and proprietary algorithms to optimize ad delivery.

Website Video Monetization

Enhance viewer engagement, and retention and monetize your video content with pre-roll, midroll, and post-roll with our advanced targeting capabilities. From clickable overlays and call-to-action buttons to interactive end screens, our solutions enable publishers to create an engaging experience that drives maximum revenue.


Target your ideal consumers with 1P data, Genre-based curated deals, and 100% delivery visibility.

Making Cross-Device targeting easier with multiple format supplies available for your desired audience. Enabling direct-to-publisher access or your desired audience from a particular interest group available in a packaged deal across different environments.